St Louis Bed Bug Pest Control

St Louis Bed Bug Pest Control

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Bed Bug problems in St louis, St Louis Bugs is the pest control company that gets the job done the first time. Bedbugs are making a huge comeback in the St Louis area presently. Bed bugs are external parasites belonging to the family cimicid. The parasitic insect in known scientifically as Cimex lectularius. The insect mostly feeds on human blood causing effects such as skin irritation and inflammation at the site of the bite. They are making a huge comeback since the 1990’s.The increasing number of Bed bugs are very easily transported by humans which make them a major problem to control them. The habitat of these insects includes warm places such as beddings inside a warm house. The insects are not exclusively nocturnal even though they are well known to be highly active during the night. Bedbugs usually feed on their hosts without being easily noticed. As mentioned earlier, several adverse health effects may result from bed-bug bites. Such effects may include psychological effects, skin rashes, together with allergic reactions. Bedbugs can be noticed by identifying their eggs in places such as beddings.

The parasitic insects have become a significant threat to homes and other accommodation places in Saint Louis. One bed-bug can lead to frustrations associated with lack of peaceful sleep and lack of work productivity in your home or business place. It is advisable to deal with the menace of bed-bug infestation early enough before they start breeding and increasing in number.

St Louis Pest Control has all it takes to get rid of these nuisances in the Saint Louis areas. The business enterprise applies eco-friendly bed-bug treatment methods to get rid of them. The bed bugs treatment process is highly efficient, and one can be assured of getting results. Commercial facilities such as hotels, hospitals, apartment buildings, and dwelling places are in a better position to contact Saint Louis Pest Control for quality services despite the level of infestation. Read more about bedbugs here.

How do you prepare for the bed-bug treatment process?

  • Do not remove any item from the infested area to prevent a possible spread to other safe places in your house.
  • Move all furniture approximately three feet from the wall.
  • Any other item such as pictures, calendar hanging on the wall has to be removed since the bed-bugs can use them as hiding outs.
  • All linens that are not attached to bed should be removed and soaked in water for laundry.
  • Closets, dressers, nightstands and other places should be emptied.
  • All other items that are typically present in the infested room with the Bed bugs must not be removed.

After treatment:

  • Do not apply other pesticides since they may interfere with the chemicals used to eradicate the insects. The chemicals should not be disturbed for several days.
  • Vacuum the room after 24 hours. It is suggested to vacuum daily for several weeks to aid in the elimination of the infestation of the Bed bugs.
  • Avoid bringing back unnecessary items that may re-introduce the bed-bugs.

Important points to note about bed-bugs

  • St Louis bed bugs existence is not a myth the way some people might think. The parasitic insects are real, and they are back in the United States since their eradication.
  • Bed-bugs are not associated with the level of dirt. No matter the standard of hygiene, any place is at risk of getting infested with bed-bugs. Five-star hotels are as vulnerable to bed-bug infestation as a one-star hotel.
  • Heat treatment of bed bugs only works short-term in a bid to manage the disturbance caused by the parasites. One can be rest assured they will come back after some time. Chemical treatment is the best method to eradicate these parasitic insects 100 percent. Chemical treatment works for both short-term and long-term goals.
  • Bed-bugs are mostly spread from one place to another by traveling people. When one visits places such as homes and schools that are infested with bed-bugs, the insects invade the person’s luggage or clothes. Other ways of spreading these pests include hosting an individual carrying them or purchasing a piece of furniture that is infested.
  • After the first treatment, it is expected that the parasites will have been completely eradicated. However, the staff from St. Louis Pest Control will be making follow-ups check for any traces that may have survived.
  • Mattresses that are infested are highly advisable to be thrown away or burnt. Re-using the mattress after treatment may increase the chances of bringing the bed-bugs back into the house. If throwing away the mattress is not possible, then a specifically designed “bed-bug” mattress over should be used to cover the bed. The same applies to the box springs. Otherwise, if the mattress case is not specifically designed for bed-bugs, the insects can crawl through crevices and zippers quickly.
  • Frequent inspection of the beddings at your home or hotel is one of the ways to keep these bugs away. Look out for the bugs, their eggs, or stains from their feces. The stains normally have an appearance of rust spots. Check other places where they can use as hideouts in your bedroom. Such areas may include the closet. Never think of buying a used mattress as they may be infested with insects’ eggs. Inspect any furniture being brought into your home to make sure that they are safe.

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